Monday, April 17, 2006


Watching the hand's transaction
at the deal table, it is hard to tell:

does the knife swipe through mackerel
clean as a credit card,

or is it the silver fish itself
that swipes the blade?

His raw hands cut the deck.
The flesh is dealt.

- Robin Robertson, 'Itamai-San'

Poetry and raw fish. What more can one ask for?



MockTurtle said...

What more can you ask for? Well, how about a naked woman to eat your sushi off of.

Falstaff said...

MT: Nice. Wait, I've been to Seattle. I even had Sushi there! Nobody offered me a naked woman. AAARGHHH!! I want my money back!

meditativerose said...

oh btw, you can get that in Chicago as well ...,0,1974282.story?coll=mmx-dining_top_heds

Falstaff said...

hmmm...I suppose expecting you to pay for a meal that I get to eat off a half-naked woman is too much, huh?

meditativerose said...

More like paying for a meal that costs $500 is too much .. didn't anyone teach you not to make fun of the poor?