Friday, November 17, 2006

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While others waged war
or sued for peace, or lay
in narrow beds in hospitals
or camps, for days on end

he practiced Beethoven's sonatas,
and slim fingers, like a miser's,
touched great treasures
that weren't his.

- Adam Zagajewski, 'Death of Pianist' (trans. by Clare Cavanagh)

Another word for father is worry.

Worry boils the water
for tea in the middle of the night.

Worry trimmed the child's nails before
singing him to sleep.

Another word for son is delight,
another word, hidden.

And another is One-Who-Goes-Away.
Yet another, One-Who-Returns.

So many words for son:
His -Play-Vouchsafes-Our-Winter-Share.

But only one word for father.
And sometimes a man is both.
Which is to say sometimes a ma
manifests mysteries beyond
his own understanding.

For instance, being the one and the many,
and the loneliness of either. Or

the living light we see by, we never see. Or

the sole word weighs
heavy as a various name.

And sleepless worry folds the laundry for tomorrow.
Tired worry wakes the child for school.

Orphan worry writes the note he hides
in the child's lunch bag.
It begins, Dear Firefly...
- Li-Young Lee, 'Words for Worry' (italics in the original. Very annoying though).

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Prerona said...

specially the 'father' one
sigh! makes me want one too ;)