Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Women and Happiness

"feminism isn't an argument or a position but a kind of sanity ... a way of looking at the world that takes the humanity of female people seriously"

- Ariel Levy

Over at the Guardian, an article about books that served as introductions to feminism. Good to see Virginia Woolf in there.

And while it feels mean-spirited to be picking on the NY Times twice in one day, here's Language Log's Mark Liberman on why the NY Times article about women being unhappier than men (link via India Uncut) is, like most NY Times reporting that cites 'research' complete codswallop. Ah, the joys of ordered probit!


Anindita said...

Thanks for the link on the feminism article...interesting to see what some of the influential works have been and some stuff there that I haven't managed to yet. By the way, don't mean to spam but have you checked out Ultra Violet -- the new feminist blog some of us have started? Link is available on my blog if you're interested.

Anindita said...

*to read

Falstaff said...

anindita: No, I hadn't seen Ultra Violet earlier. Interesting.