Friday, November 23, 2007

Proof that the Universe is conspiring against me

"Although I never became a teetotaler, I knew - especially when I woke up the next morning with a hangover - that I would cast my lot with caffeine, not with alcohol. Why would I wish my senses to be dulled when they could be sharpened? Why would I wish to forget when I could remember? Why would I wish to mumble when I could scintillate? Of course, since even in those days I was a loquacious workaholic who liked to stay up late, you might think I'd pick a drug that would nudge me closer to the center of the bell curve instead of pushing me farther out on the edge - but of course I didn't. Who does? Don't we all just keep doing the things that make us even more like ourselves?"
Not even two weeks since I gave up coffee and the Guardian has to go and publish this essay from Anne Fadiman's latest book. What was it Dante said: "There is no greater sorrow / than to recall our time of joy / in wretchedness".


Space Bar said...

never give up. never give in. just change your mind. :D

Szerelem said...

Some things are just silly and pointless. E.g.: Giving up coffee. Whatever made you do that in the first place?

??! said...

chai chai chai !