Monday, March 17, 2008




a thing achieved,

or given.

A release

we extrapolate

into meaning.

The words

not to say.


Not an emptiness, but

a fulcrum.

The circumstances

from which



they are meant.



not an emptiness, but

a thing achieved. A fulcrum,

or, given the circumstances,

a release, from which

we extrapolate absences

into meaning, infer

the words they are meant

not to say.


Blogging's been sporadic lately, I know, and is likely to continue that way for a couple of weeks. Combination of the Philadelphia Bach Festival (hence the post), a dissertation proposal that's due in two weeks and a couple of other projects I may tell you about someday, if you're foolish / sadistic enough to let me dandle your grandchildren on my knee.

Meanwhile, you can go watch / listen to M/s. Gould and Menuhin play Schoenberg, who I've been listening to a lot lately, and finding disturbingly easy to relate to.


Space Bar said...

Ver-ry nice! it's all that armantrout and spahr, isn't it?

(not that i mean to say it's derivative; just energised by circs. sheesh, this is an inarticulate comment!)

Falstaff said...

SB: A touch of Armantrout, yes. Not so much Spahr. But really mostly just Bach.