Sunday, February 01, 2009

59 Library Books

Fifty nine library books
on the floor by my bed;

books I keep planning to read but
end up renewing instead,

thinking I'll get to them next
semester (I never do).

Sometimes I think it's a good thing
we're mortal, don't you?

[based on a true story]


hopscotch said...

Fifty nine!!! Boy! Which library is this?

km said...

We are mortals and our libraries are richly stocked. He does have a sense of humor.

Jeff said...

But you didn't include the monthly and weekly magazines, Sunday supplements, book reviews, and articles you've cut out of the daily paper you've been meaning to get to that are neatly sorted in that manila folder that's already been kicked under the bed...

Instinctivecuriosity said...

India should have libraries such as these! I'm jealous :/

kbpm said...

but my library slapped a Rs.15 fine on me for past crimes and, despite the very obvious mortality issue, or maybe because of that, sends me an email about it every 15 days (or so).
as long as you renew in time, you are OKi suppose. am sure they keep the room warm.