Monday, September 07, 2009

Not here forever

"If you were to enter the room now and say: 'I am leaving for a long time, forever' - or: 'I don't think I love you any more' - I would not, I believe, feel anything new: each time you leave, each hour that you are not here - you are not here forever and you do not love me."

- Marina Tsvetaeva, Earthly Signs


It finally happened. You left. Just as I always feared you would. All those business trips when I was so sure you weren't coming back.

So why is it that now that you've finally left I keep expecting you to walk through that door?


Soraya said...

Is that clingy love, or just intense love?

Searcher said...

Love is love. Clingy, Intense, Dramatic, sweet, Deep, etc are just values we attach to it. To define it, to expect of it, to limit it... is to end it.

Anonymous said...

#1 - I really like !
#2 - is too cliched ! You can do so much better

adee said...

sad n beautiful at d same time... :)