Friday, May 21, 2010

The sound of one hand...

...playing the piano. Ravel's glorious Piano Concerto for Left Hand (here performed by Richter) which I heard played this evening in a superb performance by Marc-Andre Hamelin and the Minnesota Orchestra.

Other highlights of the evening included Strauss' Don Juan (which puts a whole new spin on horniness!) and a passionate rendition of Ravel's brilliantly subversive La Valse under the baton of Gilbert Varga, bubbles of disquiet under the swirling surface of the music.


Anonymous said...

So something good can come out of Minnesota after all.


Falstaff said...

n!: Oh, lots of good things can come out of Minnesota. Like a brilliant all Sibelius performance a couple of months back (which Alex Ross blogged about here). Plus there's a performance of Bartok and Stravinsky coming up this weekend that I have great hopes for.