Monday, June 12, 2006

Other Voices, Other Rooms

From thee have I been absent over the weekend. Another of my NYC trips. Regular blogging returns tonight, but meanwhile, you can check out the rapid spread of the Falstaff menace elsewhere:

1. A piece for DesiPundit about literature and creative writing in the Blogosphere

2. A review of Jose Saramago's new novel, Seeing, over at Hafta (the review, not the novel - we haven't got to the point where we can get Nobel Laureates to write for the magazine. Yet.), where I seem liable to become a regular contributor, Sidin and co. having graciously taken me in to their fold (ha! suckers.)

If you actually read the review, you might discover that the fourth and fifth paragraphs are repeated in the sixth. I suspect this is a typo, but I'm going to pretend that it's a post-modernist experiment to amplify the title of the piece. So there.



panu said...

response after going through all those thingies....


Extempore said...

The piece at Desipundit is really, really good. I throughly enjoyed it - thanks!

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