Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Filming Over

As you've probably heard by now, the Oscar nominations are out. It's a fairly pathetic line-up, though I'm still trying to decide whether that's a testament to the insularity of the Academy, the sad excuse for film-making that is Hollywood or both.

I'm also trying to make up my mind whether I want Scorsese to win or not. God knows he deserves it, but having him win for something as ordinary as The Departed seems too derisory a joke. Plus I'm torn between wanting to see O'Toole win and wanting to see Ryan Gosling's performance in Half Nelson get the reward it deserves, knowing full well that Forest Whitaker is the man who's likely to be walking away with the golden statuette (yes, yes, I know that the Academy has to pretend that they're different from the Golden Globes, but I'm hoping they'll do that by screwing Babel). And I suppose it's idle to hope for Alan Arkin as well.

Oh well, at least Mirren will count as one truly deserving win. God bless the Queen.

Meanwhile, by popular demand (one person asked for it) here's my review of Babel.


Anonymous said...

With you on Ryan Gosling - he was pitch perfect but he doesn't have a shot in hell.

Revealed said...

Ryan Gosling definitely. Also O'Toole though. In fact O'Toole more than anyone else (lost my heart the first time I saw How to Steal a Million).

Anonymous said...

I am a sentimental fool. I want O'Toole to win. Am with BM on Ryan Gosling. O'Toole probably has a better chance. And Babel should NOT win.

Thanks for the review :)

Anirudh said...

Why give a damn about awards?

km said...

They got Ennio Morricone up for an honorary award this year. You *just know* he will get the most freaking awesome "career montage" moment.

But mostly this is a "meh" year.

The Black Mamba said...

Having seen only 4 movies in the list, can't say much about who should win. But do hope Little Miss Sunshine wins something.

And what about Dream Girls? Can't bring myself to watch it, with or without the melisma discussions it has brought forth. But people seem pretty miffed that did not show up as much in the nominee list.

Riya said...

Mmh i liked the movie Babel, & OToole yes.

Falstaff said...

brown magic: Yes, sad isn't it?

revealed: O'Toole's certainly the sentimental favourite for me. I haven't got around to seeing Venus yet, so I don't know if he actually deserves it.

Szerelem: You're welcome.

anirudh: True, true. If only one were capable of such maturity. Only, of course, that would only lead to the question - why give a damn about anything? That way madness lies.

km: Oooh! Yes, that will be a montage worth watching. And then criticising for the stuff they left out.

BM: Don't let not having seen the movies stop you. I haven't seen more than half of them myself. Am with you on Dream Girls. Musicals starring Beyonce and Eddie Murphy just don't make my cut.

riya: Okay