Thursday, January 25, 2007

Magical Moment # 67

Walking out of a performance of Vivaldi's Four Seasons into a light snow shower. Snowflakes melting on my nose and eyelashes while that electrifying violin solo from the first movement of Winter runs insistently through my head.


Anonymous said...

Magical indeed.


sink sink socks said...

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Sunil said...

Its only me. Jus checking the usual friday check if you have passed any more insightful social commentary.

Coming to the Magical moments, was it before or fater you used the toiletWC? and heck pray also tell us what version of four seasons was it?

Anonymous said...

Browsed the posts here after quite a while.

Nocturne was just beautiful! So were Snowfall and Marine Drive. Also liked A Three-Minute Silence; A Small Disappointment; Rock, Paper Scissors; The Mirror..


Chevalier said...

Looks like you've got your own personal Jade Goody in this Sunil guy. The irony of it all.

I'm de-lurking, by the way, and usually find myself loving what you write and the way you express yourself.

bess0309 said...

that's some beautifully striking, angular music, isn't it?

Falstaff said...

N: Thanks.

chevalier: Yes, amusing isn't it? I can't decide who makes less sense - this Sunil guy or sink sink socks.

bess0309: Yes

km said...

You probably attended the Four Seasons "Arctic Blizzard Version", eh, Falstaff? :D

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you reassure me, young Specktre.

I had hitherto been slightly shamefaced about liking major chunks of "Four Seasons", but now that it's been approved by an intellectual of your stature I can freely admit that I hum bits of it now and again. Caramba! (leaps in the air and clicks heels together ... yes yes, almost an entrechat)


Falstaff said...

km: Much as the snow pains me, even I wouldn't go so far as to call a measly half cm of snow an 'arctic blizard'.

JAP: You're welcome. Did I mention that the performance also featured Schoenberg's Chamber Symphony No. 1?

I have to say that over the years the more upbeat parts of the Four Seasons have paled on me. So while as a seventeen year old I would wander about whistling the opening bars to Spring, that entire first movement with all its cloying stridency now bores me. The parts I find myself gravitating towards are the slower, darker ones, the ones with the rawer violin sounds - the first movement of 'Winter' and most of 'Summer'.

As for leaping in the air and clicking your heels together - careful now - musical aficionado you might be, flamenco dancer you're not.

Tabula Rasa said...

someone should do a hindustani classical version of the four seasons. rip the soul right out the mother.

Sunil said...

You dont worry, we shall get you there, along with your kya baat hai brigade too.
btw do you comment on your own posts to talk about your contempt? ah!! do you now ? So much for subhuman bickering.

and could you pass this on ur pet cravens, caramba is as used in spain, not as seen on google or any such two dimensional media.
as ever

Crp said...

Man, I love this Sunil guy and would like to encourage him to comment more often, not jus while checking his usual friday check*. Any semi-literate who beats, I mean cares his monkey in public is my friend for life. I'm guessing he's got a great fake accent too, to complement his literary style. Caramba indeed.

*On a related note how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood ?

Falstaff said...

tr: Ya, totally - a twelve-raag cycle. Though I doubt any Western audience will have the stomach for it.

[re: Sunil's comment] JAP - did you hear that. You're my pet craven now. *chortles*

crp: Now, now, we mustn't be greedy. I'm sure Sunil has other visits to make, to "google or any such two dimensional media", for instance. We should be grateful for what we receive.

Sunil said...

Thats genius! the feeling is mutual, You should stick to blowjobs , thats where the future is and if you stick it deep enough you may hear allierations too.
meanwhile falstaff can confirm this comemnt originates from spain.

anyways, it doesnt matter now, i win the bet.

crp said...

Monkey: Bravo!

But I was commenting on your English and how it would go very well with a fake accent; not on your Spanish.

Sunil said...

As I have said, the bet has been won. No need to crow around this thoughtless bandwagon anymore.
Now coming to a few things, although I do see its not in my general interest but only for the fond memory of my judgement of this place I say:

Here you judge even before you know. Like someone watches reality telly. Therefore she is contemptible. It just goes on depict the circumscription in thy lives.

About your remarks on English. You are right its not my first language. But it isn’t yours either. Moreover, English is not thought it’s a mean.
And to save you more suspense --- blogging is not a thesis writing but a conversation. As if its not enough that you and your friends have dropped so many hints about your anal retentive-ness, I guess next you would start counting the syllables in the comments as an excuse for not being able to think.

My accent is my concern. None of your business. But I’m glad you made the comment. It clinched the thing for me. Bravo FIY is not English too. And its not the equivalent of what I have used.

And since you pass armchair cubicle judgements do drop by to west London sometime to know what actually caring a monkey means.

For all the esoteric knowledge of classical western music( which comes with an accent too) the automated comment alludes to Beethoven 9th in its own way . Go Figure it.


Crp said...

Sunil: Apologies if I judged you wrongly. I haven't spent much time in London so I defer to your superior knowledge on the Care of the Monkey.

On a serious note, you cannot drop a rude and stupid comment (like your first one on this post) without prejudicing people strongly against you.

Sunil said...



truth that is tall in troy is no less taller in tahiti or timbucktoo. tits
hows that for arse wiped alliteration ?

Farewell my countrymen.
(leaves like how odysseus left nausicaaa.)

curtains drop

distant chorus.

end of fucked up magical moment.

crp said...

Wow! This is one angry monkey!
Hey don't go! We love you here.

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