Wednesday, February 21, 2007


He is ready, he says.

To prove it, he blindfolds himself, takes his gun apart, reassembles it.

I watch the clockwork of his hands dismantling the familiar arguments, putting together the pieces of someone else’s death.

The parts fit perfectly. He is done in a minute.

“See!” he says, beaming proudly.

Guns are not countries.

[55 words]


Anonymous said...

I LOVE you. :)


Mellowdrama said... this original? Soree, just wondering. Stumbled across your blog thru someone else - was piqued by Falstaff - why would you want to be a fat, wineskin of a buffoon who is the butt of all jokes? Hmmm..

Aaki said...

Falstaff is one of the most interesting characters ever created by Shakespeare. Maybe that's why?

Revealed said...

Everyone's doing 55s now? /:)

eyefry said...

Very nice.

Falstaff said...

you!: Thanks

mellowdrama: Maybe because one is a fat wineskin of a buffoon who is the butt of all jokes? Also, see aaki's comment below.

aaki: Thanks. Good to know that someone sees this.

revealed: Everyone being?

eyefry: thanks

Revealed said...

Well, last I checked there was N (not n!), Wiseling, Persp Inc, (and yours truly but I did it kinda accidentally, slipped and fell into it :D ).

How did it originate? (So lowering to think one fell for a trend.)

Anonymous said...

Independent and totally unleted f. of the s. have said to me that I dont know how to talk to a women and least of all understand their mind...
but then if someone (whatever sex they are!) says the 1 4 3 sentence do you really think saying "thanks" will ,in the manner of speaking,bring home the bacon and is the "right" response? Though asking this to someone who is probably single and who is most likely to quote some obscure poetry
I am sure I am not going to be enlightened but still one wonders...


Anonymous said...


oh the keyboard...

Falstaff said...

revealed: Ah, okay. Hadn't really seen any of this. I think the 55 meme has been around forever - I've done them off and on for a while now.

TMWWT: Depends on what the 'right' response is. If the aim is to be polite but provide no encouragement, then yes, I think 'Thank You' is absolutely the way to go.

Space Bar said...

and since there is no announcement thread on which one can paste congratulations, it shall be done here:

Congrats!!!! (check indibloggie results if you haven't already).


csm said...

falstaff = many congrats on winning the best humanities indiblog.
you are also no. 3 of best indiblog.

the best schemes of the 'uncouth' coterie seems to have vapourised.

best of luck and good show mate.

Anonymous said...

i have been reading you for some time now and really thrilled to see you win.

jj said...

congrats!! why humanities?

TS said...

Been reading for quite a while now.

'Untakemyeyesoffable' would make for an apt description of this space in the B-Sphere.

Oh, and Congratulations!

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Congratulations on the win!