Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Woolf in sheep's clothing

"When I rummage in my own mind I find no noble sentiments about being companions and equals and influencing the world to higher ends. I find myself saying briefly and prosaically that it is much more important to be oneself than anything else"

- Virginia Woolf

An old favourite, but one that rewards re-reading.


Ricercar said...

but what is "one's self"?

Priya said...

Sounds a bit (Ayn) Rand-ian. Although Rand goes one step further and says live for your own sake, guided by reason, and not live for the sake of another man.

On second thoughts, maybe Woolf's lines remind me of Rand's and they're not exactly saying the same thing!

Chimera said...

ah, this is what happens when I neglect reading the , thanks for reminding me as to what I was missing.

Anonymous said...

i watched "the hours" and really loved the movie. that got me to read some of Virgina Woolf. but thank you so much for this link.yesterday was spent on the riverbank with virginia and her dark but beautiful thoughts. but i dont think anyone man/woman can write like shakespare. formal training , exposure to th arts, cultural atmosphere , money and room, theatre, nothing can create another shakespare.


Mary said...

It has been five years since I last read this. Thank you for helping me find it again.