Tuesday, July 31, 2007

They're dropping like flies now

This is turning out to be one hell of a week for cinema. Bergman yesterday, then Antonioni today.

Somebody please get Jean-Luc Godard to a hospital. Just in case.


Ojas said...

No scary predictions, please.

Space Bar said...

yeah, I second Ojas on this. Besides, what's that film which begins with Godard in the hospital? JLG/JLG? Or Prenom Carmen?

km said...

Someone please chart the life expectancy of commercial directors versus arthouse directors. I bet there's a correlation.

Falstaff said...

ojas: My apologies. My plan is to jinx bad things from happening by predicting them.

space bar: I think it was Prenom Carmen.

km: correlation? with what?

Anonymous said...

poetry on Antonioni, please. Sparse.

All I can muster is rip Rilke (and I don't even know if that is apt, but it feels so, so anyways...):

And at last, you saw yourself as a fruit, you stepped / out of your clothes and brought your naked body / before the mirror, you let yourself inside / down to your gaze; which stayed in front, immense, / and didn't say: I am that; no: this is. / So free of curiosity your gaze / had become, so unpossessive, of such true / poverty, it had no desire even / for you yourself; it wanted nothing: holy.

Cheshire Cat said...

Death playing rapid chess?

He seems to have taken against "arthouse" this week, so Jean-Luc and Resnais better watch out.