Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Forever Young

To take a (first) page out of Amit's book (would those be uncut pages?), it's hard to put down a poem that begins like this:

"I was having sex with a stranger
when I realized this was no stranger,
this was Eleanor Roosevelt,
wife of the 32nd president of the United States."

- Dean Young, 'Sex with a Stranger'

(you can read the full thing here - just scroll down a bit)

It isn't bad enough that this man makes it all look so easy, he has to go write a book a year (this poem's from his 2008 collection Primitive Mentor, not to be confused with his 2007 collection Embroyoyo) to make it look even easier. Aaargghh!

P.S. In other news, I just got my hands on the new Winterson. Gloating about which is, of course, the point of this post.

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Blasphermour said...

Whatever words in poem are very mystic and it can translate to thousand of answer...