Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Minimal Poems

from Aram Saroyan's Complete Minimal Poems (see also):


P.S. I tried posting a bunch of other poems from the book here, but blogger really screws up the typography. You can see a bunch of poems from the book (including this one) here.


Space Bar said...

Maybe you ought to mention in your post that this book has just won The William Carlos Williams Award.

And of course it would have been impossible to replicate the typography in Blogger. There's that story (can't find link) of how Saroyan wrote the poem 'lighght', agonising over it for ages and then finally knocking it off before going for a drink with a friend.

(I think).

km said...

Ubuweb has sound recordings of him reading his poems. ("Crickets" is so clearly a predecessor to acid-rock.)

//I am a big fan of his old man's works.