Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Q: What's common to this blog and Mt. Rushmore?

A: Four figures.

That's right, folks, today (which just happens to be 2x3x7's third blog birthday as well [1]) marks the 1,000th post on this blog.

*Pause while author considers his wasted life*


[1] I lie. It doesn't just happen to be - it's all part of a carefully planned Satanic ritual [2] having to do with the numbers 999 and the Trinity.

[2] For the record, I hate Satanic rituals. You spend years jockeying for alone time with a young virgin and when the moment finally comes you have to slaughter her for her blood. Talk about anti-climax.


Tabula Rasa said...

nice going.

Space Bar said...

Congratulations! It must have taken some resolve to not reach that number earlier and ruin the double celebration.

Alok said...

congrats... !!I had found your blog quite early and even though I don't comment often, I have been reading it ever since, at least most of them

don't know what your other readers feel but I miss your rants and also your book and film reviews and essays.

Anonymous said...

el congrato! Good luck on the young virgins..

And oh arent we still due a post on communism which you promised longggggg back? :)


??! said...

and when the moment finally comes you have to slaughter her for her blood
Especially if that virgin's a chicken. Or goat.

And you got Space back out in public! Triple celebrations.

Anonymous said...

congrats. carry on.have held your thghts in the highest regard. only set back was when i heard your voice on the poetry reading. constructed a painful nerdy obessive personality.

km said...

2x3x7 is required reading for me everyday and yeah, thank God for your (allegedly) painful nerdy obsessive personality.

//And if you are taking requests, I would like to see you get into some serious online wordy brawls with other bloggers :D

??! said...

What poetry reading?

Anonymous said...

Btw how long do you plan to be "anonymous" ?

MockTurtle said...

Well done. Third anniversary is leather, right? So if KM is right, and you are taking requests, then how about an appropriately themed post? So many possibilities...

Crp said...

Congrats Falstaff!! I've greatly enjoyed 2x3x7 as well as your poetry blog. I too have no issues with "painful nerdy", though I must pull you up for becoming a little less Satanic of late...

blackmamba said...

Happy Birthday!!

sonia said...

Happy happy Birthday! I am certainly glad you chose to waste your time on your personal cyber nook:)

Piper.. said...

Congrats! Keep writing.. I love reading your posts :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ! It has been a pleasure reading over the years.

Anonymous said...

Oh cho chweet! Little falsie turns tree!!! Lets all go and pull his cheeks, the wittle rascal!!!

Congrats and all that, yerknow.


Falstaff said...

TR: Thanks

SB: Aha! so you are still around. Much honored.

And no, actually, the hard part was making sure I had enough posts in June to get up to a 1000 by the 24th.

alok: Thanks. And ya, I miss the reviews and essays too. Specially since I have so many of them in my head. Someday soon.

TMWWT: Thanks. And don't worry - that post, like the Revolution - is coming.

??!: Hmmm! Do people actually check the virginity of chickens before they sacrifice them? There's a fun task. Guaranteed to break the ice at parties.

anon: Ah, but I have a painful nerdy obsessive personality. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

km: Did I say I was taking requests?

??!: I'm assuming he / she means audiopoetry.

anon2: I'm NOT anonymous.

If you mean when, if ever, will I reveal what is vulgarly called my 'real' name - soon perhaps. Then again, perhaps not. Couldn't say for sure.

MT: See response to km. Though leather, huh? Hmmmm...

crp: Not to fear. Lucifer shall return. With bells made out of children's skulls on.

BM: Gah! Too much pink! Eyes burning!

Sonia: Thanks

piper: Thanks. You don't need to encourage me, you know. I couldn't stop if I wanted to.

anon3: Thanks

n!: Ah, I see you're finally revealing your true aunty-ji colors.

sonia said...

hmm. 1000th post. I just realized that in blog years, I am about the same age as you (a few pithy months younger.) And I am on my 480 something post. Heh.