Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Feature: Optional Reading

As some of you may have noticed, blogging at 2x3x7 has been kind of slow lately (I'm down to just about 3 posts a week, imagine that!) and I might as well say right now that it's likely to continue that way for a while to come; if anything, it's likely to get worse.

To make this up to you, I thought I'd add a few links to the sidebar, just a random list of online lit journals that I read if not regularly than at least occasionally, and that you might enjoy as well. That way, every time you come to this blog and find I haven't put up a new post you can do something useful with your time instead of muttering under your breath about people who don't update their blogs. I realize, of course, that 20 journals featuring considerable bodies of work by some of the more interesting poets and writers working today is poor compensation for a daily dose of my inimitable genius, but hopefully it'll tide you over for a bit.

And just to get you started (if on a somewhat morbid note), I recommend, if you haven't read it yet, Fady Joudah's tribute to Darwish over at KR Online and a tribute to Lynda Hull over at Blackbird. Happy reading.


Anonymous said...

fal, nothing measures upto reading you.
everything u write maintains a certain quality.
but iam sure happy to know you r otherwise usefully employed.:)

Anonymous said...

hi..anon..meri mu ki baat cheen liya aapne..:)
hi fal..we will wait gladly..