Friday, September 12, 2008

Poetry that matters

"America's metaphors have become strained beyond recognition, our nation's verses are severely overwrought, and if one merely examines the internal logic of some of these archaic poems, they are in danger of completely falling apart," said the project's head stanza foreman Dana Gioia. "We need to make sure America's poems remain the biggest, best-designed, best-funded poems in the world."

FSM bless the Onion


Cheshire Cat said...

Hilarious. Dana Gioia is a businessman, after all.

Stanley Fish is such an Eeyore.

Falstaff said...

Stanley Fish is such an Eeyore.

Thank you. That is perfect.

Space Bar said...

yes, but why is simic still the plotus?!

Falstaff said...

SB: I know. Either the folks at Onion are so out of touch with the poetry world that they don't know there's a new Plotus, or they're so in touch with it, that they realize that Simic is a more natural target for ridicule.