Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Triangle with two points

He envies me for being with you when you died.

I envy him for not knowing how that felt.


Space Bar said...

You write a book from the grave and call it Beyond Envy. It brings you no comfort and there's no point to it.

(sorry. couldn't resist.)

Anonymous said...

..or well you can look at the separation from the Indian perspective and call it the "Geo Desi - The point of no return "

km said...

Falstaff is going to write a book from the grave?

Ka-ching, baby.

Space Bar said...

km: if you're asking me - of course not (at least, i hope not). i was referring to the 'you' of the post.

Anonymous said...

An Alternative Title:

An Open Letter to Dead Dissertation from Struggling PhD Student, coping with unthinking remarks of Corporate Batchmate.


Anonymous said...

you could call it nothingless?