Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Basics

Writing 4,000 words of my dissertation in a single day

+ Discovering a new poet

+ Simon Rattle conducting Bruckner

+ Dark chocolate

= Happiness


??! said...

Serious kudos on point 1. It is a feat of much patience (and imagination?).

Falstaff said...

??!: Thank you, thank you.

Of course, I'm probably going to end up rewriting most of it, still it's nice to feel productive every now and then.

Cheshire Cat said...


blackmamba said...

on point 1. If only you could bottle that productivity...

and dark chocolate, always.

km said...

I don't know what your dissertation is about, but 4000 words of anything in a day is pretty darn good.

(And writing is re-writing, isn't it?)

//People, don't be all racist towards white chocolate. It's chocolate too. Please don't judge it by the color of its skin or its wrapper!

Tabula Rasa said...

how many words does an equation count as? ;-)

Falstaff said...

Cat: Poet called Lawrence Raab. Not the most exciting find of the year, but nice enough in a quietist sort of way.

bm: Yes. Or be that productive with a bottle.

km: It is indeed. Especially when you consider that my dissertation is about relatively boring things like the effect of divestments on a firm's patent entropy.

TR: No equations. Well, not yesterday anyway. Was writing the theory section. Only got to methods today.