Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Game

This is the kind of thing they don't teach you at school.

All those years of waiting, hoping, wanting to learn how to play. And then you find out there are no rules, that there isn't even really a game. Just a confused back and forth with no one keeping score.

No way to tell if you're winning. Always afraid that you've lost.


Ms.Mephistopheles said...

The story of our lives.

Anonymous said...

After a long time I am visiting your blog and I see this...its too much of a coincidence..'coz whenever I get bogged down by work, politics and all the negatives I come to your blog to feel refreshed...Your posts are so guileless and kinda unconnected to the reality, they are like a whole new world. But today..it was as though you were stating what was happening in my mind..
thanks anyways..

Anonymous said...

Hey Aseem,

Heard some rave reviews about you book √Čtudes. I'll be reading it soon.


Searcher said...

aseem? I'm so used to blogs being anonymous i'm surprised to come across a real name.

About the game: Is it more painful to be on the outside looking in, or to be on the inside and conspiring a break out (sounds like acne)?

Growing up is overrated.

And yet, so... delicious.. in the living of it.

firstfloorman said...


Assuming you read this...Cant anyone do a decent review of the book ?
"..The words flow, and you go along. Think of this Tranquebar publication as a compilation of your favourite blog entries, only better edited. "

Genius!! Someone's just waking up to the party...do you think Ms Nivriti would have found this blog which is but a google search away ?