Saturday, July 11, 2009

Joblessness redefined

is gone
but the con
goes on

- placard at Anti-Scientology demonstration outside the Church of Scientology, Minneapolis.

Personally, I have no use for scientology (or any other organized system of faith), but I can't help thinking that organizing a demonstration against it, complete with placards and masks and loudspeaker and soap bubbles (don't ask!) is overkill. One protests evil, not silliness.

Oh, and as the more lynx-eyed among you have already noticed, I've bid farewell to Philadelphia and moved to Minneapolis, where I'm currently busy assembling furniture (correction: trying to assemble furniture) and stocking my kitchen and generally being depressingly domestic. Will return to blogging once I've managed to wrestle myself back to civilization.


Shanth said...

I suppose, though the only trouble is that Scientology can at times be evil when several times they have tended to isolate new converts from their friends and family and keep them from seeking medical/psychiatric help, often forcefully. Not to mention that they harass anyone who tries to intervene. Truth be told it is a cult and I wouldn't be all that surprised if they pull off a kool-aid someday.

km said...

MN?! Better get those snow chains NOW.

(But there are some really nice places to hang out in the downtown...)

Abhishikta said...

Blog hopped here..
Fiercefully honest writing..
Keep it going!