Friday, July 17, 2009

Watching you read

The way you tilt your head to let the light over your shoulder. As though inviting the lamp to read with you.

Still reading, the book balanced on your thighs, you reach both hands behind your head to do up your hair.

A single strand stays free, resting against your nape like the line of a poem you read over and over, savoring the sound of the words until it no longer matters what they mean.


Puck said...

Aww! Is this Falstaff Innamorato?

Ms.Mephistopheles said...


Anonymous said...

What a lovely portrait!


Anonymous said...

Ah Falsie, but our expectations are higher from you. Several poets have praised the Hair Abundant. What about writing an ode to the Short-Haired Reader? It might go something like this:

"Still reading, the book balanced on your thighs, you reach one hand up to settle your short hair.

A single strand sticks up, resting over your head like a line in an otherwise beautiful poem that doesn't gel, and that you read over and over again, licking the words into some sort of shape."

Or something. Only connect.


btw, congrats on the move to Minnesota where all the women are good looking, all the men academic and all the children non-existent. I trust you and Jesse Ventura are good friends by now.

Anonymous said...

She did this exact same thing in my dreams,
the girl I dream of marrying.

- AR

elizabeth said...


aadarsh said...

:)))))) Romantics DO exist!!! Thank Gawd!!