Monday, August 03, 2009


After a while, you run out of mistakes to make.

Then you start to wonder - would it be a mistake to make the same mistake again? Isn't it better, since mistakes are inevitable, to pick one you already know how to survive?


Anonymous said...

Surviving a mistake made for a second time is harder to do than one might think, I guess.

K said...

"After a while, you run out of mistakes to make"
>> Are you sure? I am not.

Anonymous said...

If you make the same mistake again, is it really a mistake?

What if you made someone else's mistakes for them? Is it the mistake for oneself or making mistakes in general that gives one utility?

If one were to mistake a mistake, is that a mistake?


Anonymous said...

Is my grammar a mistake? Or did I misspeak?

blackmamba said...

as they say, it is 'the ruinous work of nostalgia'. It makes old mistakes seem worth repeating.

equivocal said...

Make the same mistake enough times and you will have invented a style.

hopscotch said...

But then where's the fun? The fear... the regret... the anticipation of an uncertain consequence... isn't life boring enough already...

The Wholesome Satyr said...

A little like the Perfect Being, persisting with sending people down to earth.

Quite an antithesis to Tagore that one.

Falstaff said...

Anon: Ah, but in that case you're mistaken about how hard surviving the repeated mistake is, which means you're not making the same mistake, you're making a different one.

K: Ah, but that's where you're mistaken.

n!: Sure it's a mistake. It's just not made mistakenly.

Also, you need to ease off on the multi-vitamins woman.

Anon: [F. shows admirable self restraint; lets bad puns about misses at their peak go]

blackmamba: Now there's a subject for a New Year's Eve song. 'Let Old Mistakes Be Repeated' etc.

equivocal: Well said.

hopscotch: good point

Wholesome Satyr: Ah, but every person is a new mistake.