Monday, October 26, 2009


I should have looked back more often.

I don't know where I lost her. She was there five minutes ago. And now she's gone.

Did she get stuck at a light, maybe miss a turn? I told her to follow me. It should have been easy. There isn't even any traffic going this way. Maybe I should have gone slower? I don't know.

What do I do now? Wait? Go back? But where to? Better to keep going. She'll make her own way, I guess. Maybe ask someone for directions. Though it's late, and there's no one on the streets.

It can't be helped, I suppose. I keep glancing in the rear view, hoping to see her headlights, hoping it's all a mistake and she's still coming up behind.


soin said...

maybe she dint know to drive.. or her car was punctured..we never expect those to

Anonymous said...

Good one. Can empathize with your your helplessness.

Anonymous said...

This comes as I think about the first comment; did she deliberately take a turn somewhere? Or would you rather not know; and just hope she'd somehow show up?

Ana said...

I suppose the gods never meant it – for Eurydice to be brought back and live happily ever after. Maybe they did it because they liked the sad songs better. After all the gods can be quite selfish.