Thursday, November 18, 2010


There is a man with a bag full of ashes. There is a man with a bag full of crumbs.

There is a third man with a pocketful of seeds.

There is a bird that could be either a dove or a pigeon, but which believes it is a phoenix and opens its wings to the dawn light.

There is a tree going over its branches, reviewing the blueprint of its choices to see where the sky went wrong.

There is a sliver of ice on your doorstep instead of a newspaper. The war has hardened and shows no sign of melting.

There is a siren instead of a song.


Kits said...

Very well written esp the bit about the tree. Nice imagery

Rakhi said...

There is a bud waiting to flower but the siren has now stunted its bloom. Closed, it wonders why it sprung up at all.

Jasmine said...

Very heartbreaking, very nice