Thursday, October 13, 2005

My Weekend State

Another weekend. Another road trip. This one to Washington (no, dammit, not the city, the state. Yes, Seattle, that's right. Yes, I know it always rains there. No, I'm not visiting anyone. Yes, I know there's nothing to see in the city. I'm not going to the city, I'm travelling to all the National Parks around. Because it's supposed to be beautiful with the Fall colours and stuff. No, I have fall break. No I've never been there before, it's a part of the country I've never seen before - that's why I'm going. How does that matter? Yes, I'll take photographs. What? How do you expect me to know until I get there? Sheesh.)

See you when I'm back.


TDREC said...

Try to get some views of the ocean from the Washington-Oregon border. The Pacific gives you a sense of what scale really is.

meditativerose said...

Why fall colours? You live on the East coast, right? Aren't the colours much better up there? Why aren't you going up to New England instead? Don't you have friends in New York you can drive with? Did you get a direct flight? Have you checked in online yet? Have you packed a raincoat?


Veena said...

I am so jealous, I want to go to Washington too! Why should I be stuck in my office whoring for big, evil biotech companies when the world outside is so beautiful? It isn't fair. :(

meditativerose said...

Veena - if it's any consolation, the weekend looks like it's going to be gorgeous in Chicago. Just my luck .. probably the last tolerable weekend and I'm going to miss it :(

Heh Heh said...

MR and Falstaff: You evil, evil people. Both of you will burn in hell.
veena: sympathies. i'm going to be stuck in NY, and its going to rain all weekend..

Falstaff said...

all: talk about false starts. Please to see post above.

MR: Yes, I could have gone to New York instead. Yes, I could have hung out with my friends and got happily drunk and saved lots of time and money. Except that I have this stupid friend who lives somewhere in the great wilderness that is the mid-west who basically begged and pleaded that someone go with her to see all these cool places in Washington. I don't even know where we're going, I'm just going along out of sympathy.


Oh, and honey, this is NOT the right time to be rubbing in what I could be doing instead of flitting back and forth between my home and the airport trying to get on a flight to Seattle. Honestly.

Anonymous said...

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