Monday, October 30, 2006

Apocalypse very shortly

If you've been reading Blogolepsy (and you should have been), you've already seen the series of 6 word stories over at Wired magazine. Through some strange oversight, the folks at Wired forgot to invite me to write for that issue [1], but being the generous, forgiving soul I am, I figured I'd contribute anyway. So here are ten 6 word versions of the End of The World as we know it [2].

1. Achhhooo!! "Excuse me." "Bless you." "Oops."

2. "You fool! The President's colour blind."

3. "Sure, I can build an ark."

4. "God! Stop playing with your food."

5. "Deadly virus? But that's my smoothie."

6. "Nuclear detonator? That's my TV remote."

7. Eventually, they rounded off the Universe.

8. A whimper? More like a moan.

9. "Look Mommy, blue and green fireworks!".

10. "Next time, stick with 'treat' please"

Bonus: "Is it okay to clap now?"


[1] Okay, okay, so they picked Margaret Atwood over me. It's okay. It's not the end of the world. Well, it is, but you know.

[2] These are works of fiction, of course. As everyone knows, when the world really does end it will be because some call centre operator in Bangalore presses the nuclear trigger.


The Black Mamba said...

no 42-y stories :( like,

"We apologise for the inconvenience."

at 5 words..

km said...

LOL@ the Prez joke.

Why didn't the "Air Force One" screenwriter use it in the script, I wonder? :)

Patrix said...

Am I glad to see these six-word stories from you :)

I posted the Wired along with my personal lame contribution, hoping others would follow with much better stories. But I guess no one listens to me :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, great blog, coz I'm commenting here for the first time. Loved most of your fiction so far.

Wrote a related post at my (new) blog. See no way to trackback to your entry, so here goes ...

This isn't about the end of the world, though.

tangled said...

"call centre operator in Bangalore presses the nuclear trigger"
I don't know whether to fall off the seat laughing or angrily protest.
Hmm. Settle for option a.