Monday, October 16, 2006

A conceited mistake

Once upon a time there was a mistake
So silly so small
That no one would have noticed it

It couldn't bear
To see itself to hear of itself

It invented all manner of things
Just to prove
That it didn't really exist

It invented space
To put its proofs in
And time to keep its proofs
And the world to see its proofs

All it invented
Was not so silly
Nor so small
But was of course mistaken

Could it have been otherwise

- Vasko Popa (translated by Anne Pennington)

If there is a God, who can we blame for it?



Cheshire Cat said...

Glad that you discovered Popa. In "Another Republic"?

Just Mohit said...

"If there is a God, who can we blame for it?"

Mind if I use this elsewhere?

Kronoskraor said...

why whyyy this need to blame? And if you(read we,humankind..whatever) must blame then blame yourself for the existence of this God because you created him for your very weak need to blame someone,to proclaim the existence of a 'supreme power'(!!)so you may absolve yourself from the intent-cause-effect of your actions,to deny YOUR supremecy in your OWN life-which is foolish and contemptible, though I cant decide which one more than the other.

Anonymous said...

er.. Satan? And if there's Satan, why just blame god.


Revealed said...

@Kronoskraor: Brilliant. Succintly put.

John said...

Could somebody please explain this poem with a little more insight? I know that that isn't the point of poetry but I am completely, utterly 100% lost.