Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Shostakovich and Nokia

It's Shostakovich season in Philadelphia. Yesterday I attended my first concert of the Philadelphia Orchestra's new season, featuring a orgiastic performance of Shostakovich's 5th symphony - trembling solo interludes coupled with raw orchestration, the sound of the brass darker and more brazen than anything else I've ever heard. And next week the Curtis Institute Faculty perform an all Shosty evening. Joy cometh in the fall.

Distractions like these, are, of course, the chief reason why I haven't got around to blogging about my Montana trip yet. But it will come. In the meantime, the NY Times points me to an even more over the top concert performance:

On Sunday, in a perverse commentary on the scourge of modern concert halls,
the Chicago Sinfonietta played the world premiere of the Concertino for Cellular
Phones and Symphony Orchestra by David N. Baker, a professor of music at Indiana University and a prolific composer.

Good stuff. Another couple of years of this and the world should be ready for Falstaff's Symphony 1.


Anirudh said...

So much fun you're having!

Neela said...

ah yes.

I didn't quite get around to breaking anything on the way home, you'll be glad to note but there were temptations, I won't deny...


Rice or Death said...

I went for the Nyphil's immaculate performance of the 5th and the Cello concerto. Pulse-pounding stuff even though I don't like the whole marching sequence in the 1st and 4th movements.

They have the LSO playing the Beethoven cycle this week. I will try to attend the 5th/8th performance for this Sunday!

Tough living in NY in fall. Also in store: a bunch of Sitar concerts at the WMI, Amjad Ali Khan with his two sons in Carnegie Hall and a series of Mozart's piano concertos at the end of the month.

Quizman said...

LOL at the NYT article.

hmm..nice life, eh? Reminds one of:

In the small hours fug of an Earls Court student flat…
In love with love. And scrumpy. And the bright
Glamour of that phosphorescent mark
They stamped on your hand in Cafe des Artistes.