Thursday, March 22, 2007


Poor Elgar.

He's not a bad sort, really. He's harmless and well-meaning and every now and then he even stumbles upon an interesting musical idea in his awkward British schoolboy kind of way.

He's certainly not the kind of bloke who deserves the cruelty of being placed between Rachmaninov's Rhapsody on a theme by Paganini and Bach's Prelude and Fugue in B minor - which is what the Philadelphia Orchestra did to him this evening. It was like being served mashed potatoes between a juicy steak and a rich chocolate dessert.


km said...

Then again, Bach's Fugue in Bm is a steak, chocolate dessert, a cup of coffee, a cigar AND getting lucky on a first date.

Poor Elgar indeed :)

Anonymous said...

enigma variations?

Anonymous said...

anonymous: for a brief while there I read "enema variations".


bess said...

nothing wrong with that combination, sounds well-balanced.

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