Sunday, October 26, 2008

More evidence that great minds think alike

Remember this story?

Well, here is the man himself, bringing Ella on stage at the Hollywood Bowl in 1956:

"Now we're going to do one of the numbers, one of the first recordings we did there, an old good one called 'You won't be sausage-fried', I mean, 'You won't be satisfied' *chuckles*"
Okay, okay, so I know it's a really lame joke. But, hey, if it's good enough for ol' Satchmo, it's good enough for me.


km said...

Heh. Any post on Miss F leaves me Ella-ted.

Now what exactly were you trying to link to? (Is it a video, audio or just a text page?)

Space Bar said...

okay, first of all, i'm surprised you remember every one of your 1000 odd posts but i'm astonished that you imagine your readers also will!