Friday, October 10, 2008


In case of alarm, start fire.


Anonymous said...

That sounds a lot like "break the bank to get a bailout".


km said...


It's a wonderful life! said...

Just heard about the Booker winner. The judging panel this year must be a group of baboons.Either that or gifting the barf worthy "White Tiger" the Booker is a reparation for Britain's colonial past.

Nishit said...

Of all people in the world, *FALSTAFF* (some more highlighting and bold, if I could) doesn't have anything to say about Booker???

Falstaff said...

N: Ya, well.

km: Thanks

IAWL / Nishit: What can I say? As far as I'm concerned, White Tiger is unreadable pap. But then the Booker panel has always, in my opinion, got it wrong (which is what happens when you select a panel based on diversity and celebrity status rather than on reading ability - remember the story about the judge who told Julian Barnes that he'd really enjoyed his book, especially since he'd never heard of this Flaubert person before) this year they've just got it more wrong than usual. The real disappointment about this year's Booker isn't that the 'wrong' book won, but that the longlist (so far) hasn't thrown up any particularly worthwhile masterpieces.