Sunday, March 01, 2009

The girl with the headphones

I don't know what she's listening to, coming down the street, head bobbing almost imperceptibly to the beat in her ears.

Whatever it is, it makes her smile at strangers.


A smile too is a kind of music.

Yours, for instance, could fill a stadium.

The traffic, the security, the restless crowd. The sudden hush as you walk out on stage. The faces flickering to life one by one, as the audience starts to smile along.


Anonymous said...

"it makes her smile at strangers."
Music does that, yes. :)


HP said...

"Yours, for instance, could fill a stadium."

brilliant !!

Anonymous said...


The Chasing Iamb said...

or in the billy collins poem:

This music is loud yet so confidential.
I cannot help feeling even more
like the center of the universe
than usual as I walk along to a rapid
little version of "The Way You Look Tonight,"

Kits said...

Niceness this one is

portmanteau said...

"Whatever it is, it makes her smile at strangers."

This association of girls -- who smile at strangers because of what streams through their headphones -- I am a member of this fine institution.