Wednesday, March 04, 2009


When he came to, he could no longer feel the gun at his temple.

After a moment, he moved his head a little. Nothing. He lay still for a bit, listening, then turned over. No one there. What had happened? He must have fainted. But why hadn't they shot him anyway? Had they never meant to execute him at all? Had it all just been a joke?

He felt cheated.


Supremus said...

Have you considered writing a book with just all of your whimsy short posts (or stories) put together?

They'd be an amazing collection; I'd be the first to buy hehe!

HP said...

uber !

The Wholesome Satyr said...

Unwarranted bathos does that.

Always liked your blog. Entertaining. You critique well.

e said...

I had often wondered if it was indeed you on poi-tree - some laziness preventing me to click and confirm. Now I know :)