Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Singh-ing in the reign

Okay, I've pretty much sworn not to blog any more about this reservation thing because I've pretty much said all I had to say on the topic already (see here and here) and I haven't heard any arguments that lead me to think I need to reconsider my position.

Despite that, I can't help linking to the blithering idiocy of this interview by Arjun Singh which I'm sure you've all seen already, but just in case. It would be hilarious that a cretin like this is the minister for education, if it weren't so incredibly tragic.

Here's the question I wish Karan Thapar had asked Singh: If there's no point debating something after it's been passed by the parliament because then it's a given, and there's no point discussing future actions of parliament because the issues are still being looked into and no final decision has been reached, then when exactly are public issues to be discussed? Or can we take it that public debate is no longer a luxury that the Government of India wishes to engage in?

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confused said...

Jesus! One of my friends refused to believe that it was a real interview. She said it was a joke!

btw, I posted something about an affirmative action proposal.


Do tell me how do you feel about it.
The debate however meaningless is still on!

Anonymous said...

I watched that interview live on TV. And the one thing that impressed me was how Karan Thapar could keep himself from clubbing that moron to death during the commercial break.

After following Thapar for some time now, I can't help but wonder if his reputation precedes him and if all the "dignitaries" on his shows decide beforehand not to be forthcoming. But yes, forthcoming or not, an idiot is an idiot is an idiot.

Forget about public debate, didn't you hear what the Minister said? The Parliament is 'Supreme'.


dazedandconfused said...

Read this before. I didn't think too much of Karan Thapar and his style of laying emphasis on every word he speaks but this has changed my opinion. Will link this from my blog as well.

Falstaff said...

confused: I wish it was.

RS: Yes, his restraint is admirable. you may be right about Thapar's reputation, but surely you could come up with a better way to hedge and not answer questions than just saying "I'm not going to tell you" like a spoilt 5-year old. The man's supposed to be a politician after all.

d&c: I can't claim to have followed KT enough to know. My general sense is that his style is little irritating, but once you get past it, he does come up with some reasonably intelligent questions. I don't know how much information to take away from this interview though. With someone as ridiculous as Arjun Singh on the other end I suspect even Simi Garewal would look good.

Anonymous said...

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