Monday, April 20, 2009

Alea Iacta Est

There are six sides to this story, and they all add up the same.

All come down to the seventh day, when God rested, and played dice, and saw it was good.

Since then, every belief is a gamble. All religion a crap game.

The truth is a blank dice. The minute you put your mark on it - give it a name, a face - it becomes God.

But to give equally to opposing sides you must resort to half measures, and that God cannot do. That is why probability is needed, to restore the balance, be the enemy of faith.

To desire symmetry is human. To deny it divine.

Einstein knew this, or thought he did.

No matter how lucky you are, the universe is loaded against you.


clueless comrades said...

God doesnt play dice, he plays jokes..


km said...

@Clueless: so are you reducing God to Ashton Kutcher's level?