Wednesday, December 30, 2009


1. Turned 30
2. Got PhD
3. Got job
4. Moved to new city
5. Read, no, finished reading 122 books
6. Published 1
7. Put up 220 blog posts (or 221 depending on how tomorrow shapes up)
8. Listened to 15 Shostakovich symphonies. Twice.
9. Started 68 poems, completed 52, did not regret 6.
10. Baked one batch of cookies, regretted them all

All in all, not a bad year.


Space Bar said...

the days are just packed, huh? hny and other annual happies!

Chica said...

122 books.... that's commendable !

Nishit said...

you published a book? which? when?

km said...

Show off.

/seriously, dude, do a productivity post.

//And a happy new year to you.

Hari said...

122 books this year -- one book in three days. That, I have to say, is superhuman, considering you are in a tenure track position -- a position that has little to do with the humanities. Even Chandrahas, who does reviews for a living, reads sixty odd books. You must manage your time in the most optimal way possible. I am very, very curious now.

Falstaff said...

SB: Yup. What I really need is a Duplicator. And to you too.

Chica: Thanks

Nishit: see here

km: Hey, if you've got it...

and to you too.

Hari: The thing to remember is that the bulk of my reading is poetry, with a typical book being ~ 70 pages.

Of course, not having a personal life helps too.

hopscotch said...

122 books...whoa! So any book recommendations coming our way?

Happy New 2010

Kits said...

Next year I wish the cookies come out right :)

Anonymous said...

Nice list.

When are you getting married?



Aditi said...

This reminds me: I saw your book in a bookstore the other day and was very disappointed. It was all eaten up on the sides and I was scared to touch it. Then I saw your book in another bookstore and it was wrapped in plastic, to keep it away from very hungry worms, I suppose.

But I am also scared of books wrapped in plastic.

But nice list. Especially on reading and writing and listening to symphonies. I don't understand music, except in poetry. I also wish I had turned thirty.

I baked several batches of cookies in 2009, and regretted only one.

purplesque said...

You are my freaking age. Now I'm depressed.

Happy New Year.