Thursday, December 03, 2009


In Memoriam Dec 3, 1984.

Because it goes
too easily unnoticed

is toxic but invisible,
impossible to touch, taste, smell or hear

impossible not to feel.

Because it pricks at our eyes,
corrupts our blood,

fills our lungs
until they refuse to balance,

weighs down our hearts.

Because it is passed down
from generation to generation

until death becomes
a byproduct

irrelevant yet necessary.

Because it's in the air
we continue to breathe,

the excuses we swallow,
the tears

we do not cry.

[Part of this (1)]

[1] Sort of. I'm not sure I entirely approve of the whole 'I'm a Bhopali' shtick - it strikes me as trivializing the suffering of the real victims. Which doesn't mean, of course, that the anniversary should go unmarked. Hence the post.


Sorcerer said...

cool...and captivating...
philosophical... its nothing but truth in poetic words!

Anonymous said...

Nice one. I read Animal's People after what you had to say about it on 2X3X7 and thought the book was good, too.

Ana said...

Ok, so instead of saying something like “simple but powerful” , I’d rather mention that I really need to read your book, not just browse it… My excuse is that I let myself be captured by Pamuk and the last Pynchon.

And thnx for the backlink?