Monday, December 07, 2009

Disturbing the peace

A new beginning. A sky scraped clean.

A man in a tie and shirtsleeves is sitting on the steps of a brownstone on 74th street, a briefcase between his knees, his head thrown back.

At first I think he's having trouble breathing. An asthma attack? Then I realize he's laughing, laughing silently, uncontrollably. Laughter like a nosebleed. The kind that just won't stop.

Somewhere far off I hear the sirens approaching. Someone must have called the cops.

I'd better get out of here before things turn beautiful.


Piggy Little said...

quite nice. :)

Anasthaesium said...

hmmm...seems to imply something..cant quite place my finger on that though....good nonetheless :)

Anonymous said...

Falstaff- Is it you laughing at the life's irony- never would have imagined yourself like this?

km said...

Etudes (the sequel) should end with this one. Simply beautiful.