Saturday, September 03, 2005

Baby you can drive my car / Let's just park

Finally, a reason to date:

Cars, like loves, oblique may well
Themselves in all confusion get,
But ours so truly parallel
Though spots are few, hasn't missed one yet.

With apologies to Andrew Marvell.


meditativerose said...

Aw come on ... that's in fact a very important stage in a relationship. You're allowing someone to share in an anctivity that's close to your heart, that you spend considerable amounts of time perfecting, and that could potentially have severely negative consequences if not done perfectly ... plus of course there's the fact of giving over control of the wheel to another ... that my dear, is when you know you're in love :)
Though in your case, a better example would be when you allow someone to arrange your bookcase ;)

Falstaff said...

Me? Let SOMEONE ELSE arrange my bookcase? Sure, right after I let her finish the surgery on my brain. Honey, I wouldn't let Audrey Hepburn rearrange my bookcase if she begged me to. So maybe this means I'll end up alone forever, but at least my books will all be in the right place.

Anonymous said...

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