Saturday, March 04, 2006

Comment on that

boss i am disappointed in
some of your readers they
are always asking how does
archy work the shift so as to get a
new line or how does archy do
this or do that they
are always interested in technical
details when the main question is
whether the stuff is
literature or not

- don marquis, 'mehitabel was once cleopatra' [1]

You know. It had been a while since I'd put any poetry. And well, it's been that kind of a day. Cockroaches of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your...SQUISH!

[1] from the delightful archy and mehitabel

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Anonymous said...

You pick your topics like choosing what to wear for the day from your wardrobe...or picking a CD from your collection...:)

Heh Heh said...

ooh. that brings forth childhood memories. and boy, the illustrations were awesome.

Falstaff said...

anon: No, no, i would never spend anywhere close to this amount of time picking things from my wardrobe. The CD analogy is probably more apt, but most of the time it's literally whatever happens to come into my head. Stick around and you'll probably get to see the 'These Romans are crazy' post.

heh heh: they were indeed, my scampering whiffle snoot, they were indeed.

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