Saturday, July 15, 2006

I hate Wordpress (well, not any more)

No, really.

So in a fit of late night / early morning paranoia I decided to back-up 2x3x7 on Wordpress.

Big mistake. First the damn thing timed me out. Then it kept retrying. Finally, it worked, but it turns out that in the process Wordpress managed to get rid of all paragraph breaks from this blog. Which, when you consider the average length of my posts is pretty darn serious.

The good news is that all of 2x3x7 is still available in legible format here. I will now spend tomorrow (today) morning trying to get this blog back into shape. Any suggestions on how to do that would be welcome. (Apparently wordpress let's you export from it as well - anyone ever tried that?). Failing that, I might be forced to switch to Wordpress. Or continue blogging here but keep archives in Wordpress. I don't know. Right now I need sleep.

Why me?

UPDATE: Joy truly cometh in the morning. The trouble turned out to be one niggling little setting about line breaks that WP had changed and not set back. Who knew? So things have got sorted out now. My thanks to those who offered to help.

Having said that, 2x3x7 is also available on WP for now - at - so I'm back to dithering about whether I should make the switch. Comments are welcome, as usual.


Old Spice said...

Painful process - I did a revamp a couple of times, and getting code etc can be a pain.

I don't have a blog at the moment, but the Blogger templates struck me as quite limited. I didn't have the nous to do things my way, either, but I got some code from a friend which was helpful. (Let me know at this email address if you'd like some thoughts.)

And picking and choosing from other templates is also useful - set up a sample blog, keep changing the template and then checking out the code in order to work out the bits you like and don't like. But first you need to know how you want your blog to look. Personally, I'm still not sure, but I do have problems with commitment.

Just Mohit said...

Hey Falstaff, sorry to hear of your plight. It's a shame.

If you decide to correct all the posts on this blog, and need help with that, do let me know. Am willing to help out with the formatting bit (although you'll probably still have to check it before you upload it)


Falstaff said...

the graduate: Hmmm. See the thing is, I don't want to make any major changes I'm quite okay with limited templates (mostly because I'm incapable of making changes even when I have the option). All I want is for this blog to publish the way it shows up on my post editor - with paragraph breaks.

Still thanks for the offer of help. I might just take you up on it.

just mohit: Thanks. Yes, I'd love to correct all the posts on this blog - the trouble is, I don't know how. As I say above - when I see them in the editor they look just the same as always, but when I publish them they come out looking like this. And it isn't the template (or at least the part of the template that can be changed) because I've pasted in my old template and it still doesn't work.

Anyway, figure this might be just the excuse I've been waiting for to try out Wordpress. The only question is, how do I back THAT blog up now?

Sony Pony said...

your early morning (late night?) paranoia is making me paranoid...I'm supposed to want to back up my blog? There's a chance that it might all just disappear into some cyber abyss? Goodness.

Glad the breaks got fixed. Wordpress is better than blogger. Fewer server problems, and you get to play with cool widgets. The one issue I have w/ Wordpress. Well two, actually. One is that it doens't allow for anonymous commenting, that I know off. And two, unlike blogger, it doesn't email you a copy of your post automatically. The second more valuable feature than the first, I think, especially with my heightened paranoid state of mind:)

Just Mohit said...

Hi Falstaff, Glad to know the problem got sorted, and my favorite blog is online again! :-))
Backing up Wordpress is easy. Just export your posts & comments in XML format using "Manage-->Export" option.
To help (?!) you dither on whether you should/not shift, will mail you a few links on the debate. ;-)

Falstaff said...

Sony Pony: My key gripe with Wordpress (which I use for Poi-tre) is that I find the text editor much harder to work with. Just getting it to do something simple, like subscripts, is a nightmare. I don't really care about it e-mailing me a copy of the post, though yes, not allowing anonymous comments is a bit of a pain as well.

just mohit: Thanks. Yes, I saw that. Except when I tried doing that it seemed to only back up the first month of posts. Will look into it again though. Will take a look at the links as well.

Just Mohit said...

Thought of mailing it to you...but then a lot of other people thinking of similar/reverse switches might miss it here's a partial list:






In addition there are some cool articles on comparisons between various hosted solutions, but i guess you "ain't innerested" in those! ;-))

Falstaff said...

mohit: Thanks. That was really useful. The more I read, the more convinced I am that I'm going to switch to Wordpress. Here's my plan though - I'm going to stick to blogger for the few weeks I'm still in India and make the switch once I'm back in the States.

Again, thanks for your help.

Just Mohit said...

Hey man, if i do anything for you it's for totally selfish reasons...can't let my favorite blog, bar none!, go offline, can i?
How's the weather in Delhi?
Any further cooking adventures?
Been to Great Indian Kebab Factory yet?
Bought any good books?

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Just Mohit said...

looks like the trolls have found you!

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