Saturday, July 22, 2006

Two unfinished thoughts

According to legend, so swift and skilful a swordsman was mighty Achilles that when he brought his sword down upon the head of his enemy, the skull clave instantly and the victim never had the chance to know that he had been killed, the very thought of death in his brain being split into two.

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Abhilasha said...

Gee, i'm the first to comment again. wow, what luck !
well this was macabre, and irrespective of the warrior's skill, a sword brought down on the skull with force will do the needful.
gosh! scary!
by the way, are u still in Delhi?

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...


n said...

I second shoefiend. you captured the spirit of Achilles so well in so few wrds. more fiction is needed.

Alex said...

This was too good!

Falstaff said...

abhilasha: True, but not necessarily with the same precision / speed. And yes, I am.

shoefiend: *bows*

n: Thanks.

alex: thanks

Abhilasha said...

I know that it is futile asking you this, but is it at all possible that you drop the pseudonym. Day by day I'm getting curiouser to find out who Falstaff is :-)