Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Living to fight another Tag

Okay, so I know Space Bar tagged me to do the 5 post thing, but frankly the whole thing strikes me as being too dull, so I'm not going to bother.

What I will do instead is respond to a challenge SB posted over a month ago that, sadly, no one took her up on (at least as far as I know). Here goes:

A spine-chilling thriller that will have you biting your nails right from the first page! From the moment Lydia Montgomery discovers the toilet seat left up in her country-estate bathroom, the action never flags. Join Detective Inspector Littlelles on a mansion-wide manhunt through corridors of dimly-lit intrigue. Experience the horror as one gruesome discovery follows another - napkins are found badly folded, coffee-rings appear on the side table, a mysterious tap is left dripping all night. Who is behind these ghastly deeds? Could it be Hosmer, the recalcitrant butler who refuses to dust behind the bookshelves? Or Angus, the gardener Lydia fired two years ago for trailing compost over her front door mat? Why does John, Lydia's husband, keep squeezing their tube of toothpaste from the middle? And who is the mysterious Chambermaid M? Prepare to be shocked as the truth about these and other thrilling questions is revealed in The Vanityville Horror, the latest novel from the author of such masterpieces as The Mystery of the Mangled Antimacassar and Who Trimmed the Rose Bushes? Will Littleless get to the bottom of the mystery in time, or will the criminal manage to disarrange Lydia's linen closet before he or she is caught? To find out, buy a copy of The Vanityville Horror today!


Anonymous said...

you do all th housework right?
that expalins it!

Space Bar said...

:D oh good. why does angus sound familiar? doesn't he belong at blandings?

Anonymous said...

This is scary! You mean there are people out there who are capable of committing such dastardly crimes? The horror!

You are not doing the tag? I am disappointed :( I was so looking forward to it.

km said...

From the moment Lydia Montgomery discovers the toilet seat left up in her country-estate bathroom

You know who'd find that funny? An unmarried guy, that's who.

Falstaff said...

anon: well, there isn't really anyone else to do it, is there.

sb: Yes, exactly. Are there actually gardeners named anything but Agnus?

lekhni: I know, I know. The world is full of sick deviants.

km: Ah, touched a vein, did I?

dipali said...

The horror of it:)