Saturday, January 12, 2008

What keeps us alive

It's the weekend, so time for more poetry:

First, via Poetry Daily, this lovely poem by Li-Young Lee.

Next, from the latest issue of Poetry, John Brehm imagines New Yorkers in Heaven, though forgets to mention the complaints about how slow the angels are.

Then, from X.J. Kennedy, whose humorous talents I discover I've blogged about before, and then forgotten ( n!: you may just have a point about the senility thing) this hilarious ode to one of my favorite painters of all time:

Hello, Dali,
Well hello, Dali,
It's so nice to see your Mona Lisa smile
Through her moustache, Dali,
At the cash, Dali,
You keep stashin'
From Christ's passion
Painted Dali style.

So drape them tree crotches
With them limp watches!
Other fellas may wax jealous -
They're just flops, pops!
Holy gee, Dali
Obvious to me, Dali,
At rakin' in the bacon you're the tops.
(see also, Kennedy's take on Sigmund Freud as Santa Claus. For other such delights, BOA editions has a new collection of Kennedy's Comic Verse - Peeping Tom's Cabin)

And finally, always saving the best for last, a selection of poems from the inimitable David Kirby, who is officially poet of the month for me. Enjoy.

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