Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Made up

A made up mind is like a made up bed - just asking to be disarranged.


Transformation of thought and matter: waking in the morning to find your sheets in confusion, but your mind made up.


He has lied his way into bed, and he must make up for it.

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Space Bar said...

It must be the idea of being (or becoming) non compos, or the other ways to read 'made up' or the thought of the bed, outside the frame...whatever.

Sleeping with your own muse is an almost unpardonable breach of male literary protocol; but to sleep with a friend's, and tell him about it, is to do him the greatest favour as an artist. In his blows he is already thanking you in his heart.

From, you guessed it, The Book of Shadows

One of these days I'll put aside the Paterson for other things.