Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mare's Nest

I've never been a huge admirer of Walter de la Mare's poetry, but I quite enjoyed Peter Bennet's Workshop over at the Guardian, with poems in the spirit of De la Mare. I like the poems by Byro and Meeuws (I'd agree with Bennet that the latter is the most authentically De la Mare-ish of the lot) and am pleased to see an entry by an old friend, though suspect they've left out a paragraph break in printing it, so that it should really read:

Thrown over her shoulder the light from the lamp
glows in her lap - a fabric of gold.
Her fingers dance in its silken folds
sewing a dress

for a girl she knows, a bride to be;
head lowered to her work until
something distracts her; she stills,
stops to listen:

Go read the whole thing.


Szerelem said...

Falstaff - sorry, this is a totally off point but I was actually wanting to ask for a favour. Could you please, please help translate Mir's Dekh To Dil Ki Jaan. I haven't been able to find a half decent translation and you were the first person I thought of asking... Sigh, I know I am being pesky but please let me know if its possible. (Also, sorry for hijacking the comments page but I couldn't find an email address).

Falstaff said...

Szerelem: Sure, I can try. It might take a while though. I know it doesn't look it, but life is actually pretty crazy these days.

Szerelem said...

Thank You :)

equivocal said...

Hey, I also suspect they left out a paragraph break.