Saturday, January 12, 2008

Notre Musique

What if there is a heaven, but it's reserved for suicides?

What if the real test is not a life of renunciation, but a renunciation of life?

What if Eternity is not fragments of existence free-falling outside the gravity of time, but an infinite nothingness, an embrace of the impossible?

Wouldn't that be better than either the tedium of pain without hope - which we call damnation - or the meaninglessness of pleasure without even the possibility of pain - which we call being saved?

What if the fires we have imagined are not the meteorites of falling angels but the inspired trajectories of minds escaping the self's atmosphere?


Confused & Baffled said...

then. then we are wasting our time. like, seriously wasting our time.

what if someone could find out and tell us? what if it was severe punishment if we were wrong about it all?

Falstaff said...

c&b: True. On the other hand, you're talking to someone who averages roughly a post a day on his blog. I hardly think wasting time is a concern.

Anonymous said...

inspiring ...

i didn't know, who i was
before i was born
i won't know, who i am
after i am gone

- vikas